About TransTalk® 9000 Products

MDW stands for “Multi-Line Digital Wireless.” The MDW 9040 Pocket Phone, MDW 9031/9031DCP Pocket Phone, MDW9031 Dual Zone Pocket phone, and MDW 9030P Pocket Phones are fully supported members of this family. The TransTalk 9000 family of wireless products also includes the MDW 9000 Telephone and the MDW 9010 Telephone. These telephones have limited support.

TransTalk 9000 products are designed to work with your communications system (PARTNER®, PARTNER II, PARTNER Plus, PARTNER Advanced Communications System, MERLIN®, MERLIN II, MERLIN Plus, MERLIN LEGEND®, System 25, System 75, System 85, or DEFINITY®) to provide wireless flexibility.

These phones are designed to Avaya Communication’s high standards for convenience, reliability, and innovation.

About the MDW 9040 Pocket Phone

9040The MDW 9040 Pocket Phone has been designed to work with Avaya communications systems including PARTNER®, MERLIN®, MERLIN LEGEND®, MERLIN MAGIX™ and DEFINITY® switches.

The MDW 9040 is different from its predecessors in several ways:

  • The base station to which the handset is linked is called a Dual Radio Module because each module can support two handsets simultaneously.
  • Synchronization of multiple Dual Radio Modules and handsets is accomplished without a carrier. The radio module itself can be placed on a flat surface such as a shelf or table or mounted on a wall.
  • In the past, one base station was shipped from the factory together with a handset with the same serial code and registration number. Beginning with the MDW 9040, the Dual Radio Module and the handset are packaged separately, and the customer will need to register each handset with the radio module with which it will communicate. Again, each Dual Radio Module can communicate with two handsets.

The MDW 9040 is lightweight and pocket-sized. A belt clip and wrist lanyard are provided with the handset. You can use either the clip or the lanyard for hands-free portability. The MDW 9040 also has a headset connector to accommodate an optional headset.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The MDW 9040 is NOT backward compatible with other TransTalk systems; that is, it CANNOT be added to existing TransTalk systems or used in the same coverage area as the MDW 9000, MDW 9010, MDW 9030, or MDW 9031.

Introduction About the MDW 9040 Pocket Phone in a Dual Zone Configuration

You can be notified of an incoming call by either an alerter (which rings) or a vibrator, or both. There is a 5 row x 16 character user-activated backlit display that shows telephone system information, icons representing various handset functions (such as the alerter and the vibrator), and the status of up to 12 lines/features (i.e., telephone lines, intercom lines, programmable features and telephone features). The MDW 9040 provides Redial, Hold, Mute, Transfer, and Conference buttons, and allows you to program additional features.

For detailed information, see MDW 9040 Wireless Pocket Phone installation and Use.


TransTalk 9000 System 

9031Your wireless phone’s handset is linked with your communications system through a matching radio modulenot through the battery charger where the handset sits for charging. Each handset can be used only with the radio module packaged with the handset. The handset and the radio module each have the same unique security code and serial number (on the bottom of the radio module and inside the battery compartment of the handset) to identify the matching pair. There is built-in and secure automatic registration between the handset and radio module, so that your system is ready to use after powering up.

Your TransTalk System may have from 1 to 30 wireless phones. In order to use multiple wireless phones within the same zone (area of coverage), you also need a carrier (also known as a backplane). A carrier holds up to six radio modules and synchronizes radio signals for proper operation of multiple phones, ensuring consistent voice quality and range. If you have a key system (for example, PARTNER or MERLIN), you can link up to three carriers supporting up to 18 wireless phones in a single zone; if you have a PBX system (for example, DEFINITY), you can link up to five carriers, supporting up to 30 wireless phones in a single zone. Linked carriers are automatically synchronized with each other.

The TransTalk 9000 System enables you to use several different phone and carrier models in the same zone; however, there are some compatibility issues to consider. You need to know the following:

  • The name of the MDW phone (9000, 9010, 9030P, or 9031, 9031DCP, 9031 Dual Zone), located in the battery compartment of the handset. (For an MDW 9000 phone, you also need to know the Apparatus Code, also located in the battery compartment of the handset.)
  • The model number of your carrier, located on the left side of the carrier.


For detailed MDW 9031/ MDW9031DCP Compatibility, see MDW 9031/9031DCP Wireless Pocket Phone Installation and Use.

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