Definity Wireless Business System Pocketphone 9631

9631With the DEFINITY Pocketphone 9631, you can have calls follow you from office to office, anywhere within your business enterprise. Just picture some of the advantages:

  • Healthcare facility staff have the flexibility to stay in touch, respond in real time, and go wherever their critical skills are needed, resulting in better quality of patient care and greater productivity.
  • Salespeople out on the floor know they are “reachable” without having to listen for overhead paging or finding a phone to respond to a beeper, providing customers with immediate attention and fast answers to questions.
  • As they move between departments, managers are never more than a phone call away for making important decisions in real time, and maintaining operating efficiencies.
  • And with digital signal transmission of 32 Kbps, DEFINITY Wireless Business System provides exceptional voice quality—so good, your callers won’t even know you’re on the go. 


DEFINITY Pocketphone 9631 Features

  • Three call appearances
  • Conduct conference call for up to six people at once
  • Access optional voice mail feature
  • Extended battery operation, up to 12 hours talk time or 120 hours standby on single charge
  • “Lock out” unapproved users with advanced call security 

The easy-to-use DEFINITY Pocketphone 9631 is small enough to be portable yet powerful enough to let you have access to all the business features of your desk phone.

For example, the easy-to-read three-line by 16 character display gives you important information from the DEFINITY system, such as the calling-party’s name (for screening), plus a display of any number you dial. And, for faster dialing of frequently called numbers, you can use Repertory (speed) dialing.

The DEFINITY Pocketphone 9631 also delivers features to help you conduct business with maximum efficiency, including conference, drop, redial, hold, and transfer. With three call appearances, you can receive or make a second call when you’re already on the phone, or conduct a conference call for up to six people at once. You can also use the pocketphone to access optional features such as voice mail.

The DEFINITY Pocketphone 9631 provides extended battery operation, for up to 12 hours of talk time or 120 hours of standby on a single charge. And, when you do recharge the battery, your pocket-phone will be up to full capacity in less than 2 hours. A hot-swappable spare battery is also available. 

The DEFINITY Pocketphone 9631 also allows you to feel secure about your wireless business calls. For example, the access authentication feature provides advanced call security that “locks out” unapproved users. You’ll also enjoy other built-in security capabilities of your DEFINITY ECS. 

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