Aastra 630D Repair Service



Save Money and Extend the Life of your Aastra Investment 

The Voice & Data Warehouse is here to help increase the return on your Aastra 630D investment. Aastra Maintenance programs have their benefits, but these programs can be very costly, have long turn around times and the manufacturer will eventually no longer support your equipment.  If you are looking for an alternative to your current Aastra maintenance program or Aastra has released an end of support notice for your equipment and you need an Aastra Repair Vendor please contact us and let TheVoiceandDataWarehouse help you increase the useful life cycle of your Aastra wireless equipment.


630D REPAIR SERVICE DETAILS - Call 877-880-4635


The Voice & Data Warehouse will Repair your Aastra 630D at component level making your wireless handset look and perform like brand new. You may be having a problem with range, possibly your handset cradle is not charging your handset properly, or it will not synchronize. If you are experiencing these problems or any other problems with your Aastra 630D and need a reliable source to repair your wireless handset, protect your investment, and extend the life of your Aastra 630D SIP-DECT Handset TheVoice&Datawarehouse can help. We take our Wireless handset repair services seriously and work to provide the best customer service possible.  Our expertise and knowledge of manufacturer’s defects help prevent future problems with your 630D SIP-DECT handset. 

If necessary The Voice & Data Warehouse can assist with Free Technical Support during the initial installation of a repaired Aastra 630D Handset.


Aastra 630D

For use in tough working environments

The sturdy Aastra 630d is designed for use in tough working environments.

The device satisfies industrial standard IP 65 and with its high level of dust protection and jet-resistant it can be used anywhere outdoors or in production. It is very easy to clean and in order to comply with high hygiene requirements, making it ideally suited for the healthcare sector, too.

The 630d is capable of withstanding fall heights of up to 2 m onto concrete. Not only that, it offers all the user convenience of the Aastra 620d such as a large TFT display, Bluetooth and USB interface. With its integrated “mandown” alarm the phone is ideal for security professions or the prison and detention sectors. When the “mandown” feature is activated, the phone automatically ascertains whether it is in a position that might indicate that the employee finds himself in a threatening situation – if necessary sending an alarm to a preset number. An additional emergency call key makes the 630d the ideal companion not just for security-related professions, but also for hospitals and care facilities.



  • TFT-colour display (2“, 176 x 220 dots; 65,536 colours)
  • Telephone book with 200 contacts*, with 5 possible entries, each: office, private and mobile number; email address* and ringing tone* assignment
  • Ambient noise filter for loud environments
  • 44 polyphone (Midi type) and 8 normal ring tones with automatic volume control can be assigned
  • Up to 5 user profiles for e.g. Headset or meeting usage can be configured
  • Hands free operation
  • Headset connector (2.5 mm jack) and  Bluetooth® headset support
  • 1 programmable Hotkey for  numbers or functions
  • 2 programmable navigation keys
  • 3 programmable side Keys
  • 1 Emergency key on top
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Mini USB – PC interface
  • 3 colour multi-purpose LED, which can be set for visualisation of functions