Avaya 9031 Transtalk


Avaya 9031 Transtalk with Radio Module, Charger, Battery, and Power

It is time to add a fully integrated wireless handset to your Partner, Legend, or Magix Telephone System.

The Transtalk 9031 Wireless handset was designed specifically for the Lucent and Avaya telephone systems. A refurbished 9031 is still a great option for your Partner, Legend and Magix telephones systems. The 9031 is a very cost effective option and allows you to add a multiple button wireless handset to your Partner, Legend or Magix system. It has all the functionality you need in a wireless handset; you will have multiple button functionally, excellent mobility, and easy integration. We offer a one year warranty and repair services for 9031 Transtalk handsets so you your investment will be protected for many years to come. Take advantage of the 9031 saving and add a wireless handset that will integrate with your Avaya phone system.

Avaya 9031 Transtalk with Radio Module Features

  • Accesses up to 10 lines
  • LCD display
  • Hold, transfer, conference, redial
  • Quick battery recharger - only 2.5 hours
  • Message waiting indicator and vibrator alert
  • Feature programming access
  • Built in jack for headset
  • Includes Transtalk 9031 Phone, Radio Module, Desktop Recharger, Power Supply

Avaya 9031 Transtalk with Radio Module System Compatibility and Requirements

  • Definity: Available port on TN762B Hybrid Circuit Pack.
  • Partner: Available ETR Port
  • Merlin Magix Systems: Available port on 016 ETR Module
  • Merlin Legend: Available port on 016 ETR, 408 ATL, or 008 ATL Module
  • Merlin Classic, Merlin Plus, or Merlin II: Available ATL Port

You Will Receive 

  • Avaya 9031 Transtalk Handset
  • 40B Charger
  • New Standard Battery
  • Radio Module
  • Power Supply for Radio Module
  • 90 Day Warranty