Avaya IP 500 Legacy Card Carrier

$89.00 - $125.00

IP 500 Legacy Card Carrier

The IP500 control unit has 4 slots for the insertion of cards. These cards can be divided into two types; base cards and trunk cards. Base cards include a front panel and ports for cable connections. Trunk cards can be added to a base card in order to provide additional facilities (typically trunk connections). 

IP 500 Legacy Card Carrier Features 

  • Integrates IP400 daughter boards - Allows various IP400 trunk and VCM cards to be used with the IP500 control unit (does not accept and IP500 daughter card)
  • Custom fit - The front of the card includes a number of panels that can be snapped off to match the ports when a trunk card is being fitted
  • Maximum - 2 per IP500 control unit

IP 500 Legacy Card Carrier Compatibility

  • PRI T1, Dual PRI T1, PRI E1, Dual PRI E1, PRI E1R2, Dual PRI E1R2
  • Analog Trunk 4, BRI-8
  • VCM 4, 8, 16, 24, 30
  • Only compatible with IP500/IP500 V2 Control Unit when running in IP Office mode: Not compatible when running in IP Office Quick Version

Each Legacy Card Carrier supports one each of the following IP400 Cards:

  • PRI T1
  • Dual PRI T1
  • NA E1 PRI
  • PRI 30 E1 (1.4)
  • Dual PRI E1
  • PRI 30 E1R2 RJ45
  • Dual PRI E1R2 RJ45
  • ANLG 4 UNI
  • BRI-8 (UNI)
  • VCM 4
  • VCM 8
  • VCM 16
  • VCM 24
  • VCM 30
  • Maximum of 2 per IP500 Control Unit