Avaya IP Office 406 Control Unit

$79.00 - $235.00

Avaya IP Office 406 Control Unit

The IP406 Office system platform supports up to 180 extensions. Connection to trunks is via any two of the following integral interface modules as follows:- - Single PRI E1/PRI E1-R2 (30 trunks) or - Single PRI T1 (23B+1D or 24B trunks - USA only) or - Quad BRI (8 trunks) or - Analog 4 (loop start).

An eight port auto-negotiating 10/100 BaseT LAN hub provides access to networks and/or up to eight IP telephones. (Where IP telephones are to be used a suitable switch, e.g. an Avaya Cajun P130, should be used)

Expansion Modules

Optional Expansion Modules allow the IP403 Office to be expanded to 180 extensions. These modules (with the exception of the WAN3 – see below) are connected via the Expansion Port sockets that are located on the back of each unit.

Up to six, in any combination, of the following Expansion Modules can be supported by the IP406 Office base unit.

  • IP400 Digital Terminal 16/30 or Digital Station 16/30 Two variants of both (16 or 30 extensions) for digital telephones (see page 27). Hence, six IP400 Digital Terminal/Station 30s will allow a maximum of 180 digital extensions.
  • IP400 Phone 8/16/30 Three variants (8, 16 or 30 extensions) for analog telephones (see page 28). Hence, six IP400 Phone 30s will allow a maximum of 180 analog extensions.
  • IP400 So8 An S-bus module that provides 8 Basic rate ISDN interfaces (see page 29).
  • IP400 WAN3 Provides support for a further 3 digital leased line (WAN) connections (see page 30). These expansion modules are connected to the IP403 Office unit via one of the LAN Ports located on the front of each unit.
  • IP400 Analog Trunk 16 Provides support for up to 16 Loop Start or Ground Start analog trunks (see page 31). Two power fail sockets are also provided.

Integral Modules

In addition the IP403 Office can be fitted with either or both of the following optional Integral Modules (see pages 40 and 41):

  • Voice Compression Module (VCM) Supports VoIP applications (e.g. using Avaya 4600 IP series telephones connected via LAN ports). Available in 5, 10 and 20 channel variants.
  • Dual Modem Module Allows termination of two simultaneous analog modem calls up to and including 56kbps.