Avaya IP500 universal PRI 1 VCM 32 Card


Avaya IP500 universal PRI 1 VCM 32 Card

The IP500 control unit has 4 slots for the insertion of cards. These cards can be divided into two types; basecards and trunk cards. Base cards include a front panel and ports for cable connections. Trunk cards can be added to a base card in order to provide additional facilities (typically trunk connections). 

This card provides voice compression channels for use with VoIP calls, SIP trunks and IP-based voice networking. The module is available in variants supporting 32 or 64 channels.The maximum number of voice compression channels supported, using IP500 VCM base cards, Combination Cards and / or IP400 VCM cards on IP500 Legacy Card Carriers, is 148.

Please note, the maximum number of channels which may be used on each IP500 VCM card varies according to the codec used, as shown in the following table.

Maximum VCM channels available, by codec type: 

  VCM 32 Card VCM 64 Card Combination Card
G.711 32 64 10
G.729 30 60 10
G.723 22 44 10

This card accepts one IP500 trunk card of any type 

Avaya IP500 universal PRI 1 VCM 32 Card Features

  • Provides voice compression channels - Used for VoIP calls
  • For IP Office 5.0 or lower - Provides 4 initial channels with additional channels up to 32 being enabled by licenses
  • For IP Office 6.0 or higher - Provides all 32 VCM channels with 12 IP Telephony endpoints active; additional IP telephones can be added via license activation
  • Provides 4 RJ45 ports - Can be fitted with an IP500 daughter card that uses these ports for trunk connections
  • Maximum - 2 per IP500 control unit; 148 channel maximum using IP500 and or IP400 VCM cards

Avaya IP500 universal PRI 1 VCM 32 Card Compatiblity

  • Compatible with Avaya IP Office 500 Phone System and Avaya IP Office 500 V2 Phone System