Polycom CX700 IP Phone

MSRP: $575.00
(You save $76.00 )

Polycom CX700 IP Phone

For Microsoft Office Communicator 2007

Polycom CX700 IP Phone Features

  • High quality IP phone for use with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007
  • Includes color touch screen with an embedded Microsoft Office Communicator 2007
  • Does not require a PC to take advantage of all of the VoIP capabilities of Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007
  • Handles phone calls the way that works best for you--with a handset, full-duplex speakerphone, or headset

Standalone IP phone for use with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

  • Embedded client does not require a PC to make calls, gain access to personal contact information, or other advanced features

High Fidelity Speaker and Microphone

  • High definition, wideband audio for the best possible voice call quality, whether in handset, full duplex speakerphone or headset mode

Personal Configuration

  • Biometric fingerprint reader or on-screen keyboard to personalize the Polycom CX700 speakerphone with individual communications preferences

Easy Call Management

  • Monitor and manage calls through the Microsoft Windows CE-based touch-screen interface
  • Click-to-call functionality with name-based calling from a user's contact list or call logs
  • Enhanced incoming call information lets users quickly decide how to handle a caller.

Enhanced Presence

  • On-screen presence status indicators for each of a user's contacts
  • Ability to set presence state using the touch screen and a large, bright LED shows your current presence state

Ultimate Flexibility

  • Use the Polycom CX700 speakerphone in the way that's most convenient
    • Access voicemail
    • Plug a wireless headset into the standard RJ-9 jack
    • Type using the on-screen keyboard
    • Connect a computer to the on-board Ethernet port