Polycom V500

$895.00 - $1,295.00

Polycom V500

Simple and affordable video calling for small businesses, remote offices and telecommuters. For the first time, simple and affordable video calling comes with unparalleled audio and video quality. As easy to use as your television, the Polycom V500 brings the benefit of video conferencing to everyone. Together with its superior audio and video performance, the Polycom V500 is affordable and supports industry standards so you can call anyone, anywhere.

Polycom V500 Benefits

  •  Easy-to-use setup wizards allow step-by-step guides for a quick installation
  • Simple remote control answers incoming video calls or initiates outgoing calls
  • Intuitive graphical user interface can be customized for any level of user. Main dialing screen can be configured with present dialing locations, for one-button calling
  • Capable of seeing both near and remote video on screen, simultaneously with Polycom Dual Monitor Emulation



Codec, remote, microphone and cables