Avaya IP400 Phone 30 V1

$550.00 - $2,000.00

Avaya IP400 Phone 30 V1

The IP500 control unit has 4 slots for the insertion of cards. These cards can be divided into two types; base cards and trunk cards. Base cards include a front panel and ports for cable connections. Trunk cards can be added to a base card in order to provide additional facilities (typically trunk connections).

The IP400 Phone module (also known as the Phone V1 module) is used to add additional POT ports to an IP Office system. POT ports are used for analog phones. The Phone module is available in 8, 16 and 30 port variants, referred to as the Phone 8, Phone 16 and Phone 30 respectively. The IP400 Phone Module has been superseded by the Phone Module V2. The Phone V2 uses an earthed 3-pin 60W external power supply unit.

With IP Office 3.1, the message waiting indication (MWI) on each POT port can be configured for None, On, 51V Stepped, 81V, Line Reversal A or Line Reversal B. On uses the default determined by the system locale. POT ports on a Phone V2 module can additionally be configured for 101V operation.

Avaya IP400 Phone 30 V1 Features

  • Provides an additional 30  Plain Ordinary Telephone(POTS) ports for use with analog telephones

Avaya IP400 Phone 30 V1 Compatibility

  • Compatible with IP403, IP406 V1, IP406 V2, and IP412 control units
  • Compatible with IP500 control unit running R4.2 or earlier: Professional Edition is required
  • Compatible with IP500 running R5.0 or higher
  • Compatible with IP500 V2 running R6.0 or higher