Avaya IP500 Analog Trunk 16 Module

$650.00 - $960.00

Avaya IP500 Analog Trunk 16 Module

IP500 trunk cards can be fitted to existing IP500 base cards to provide support for trunk ports. The trunk card uses the ports provided on the base card for cable connection. The addition of an IP500 trunk card is supported on IP500 Digital Station, IP500 Analog Phone and IP500 VCM base cards. They are not supported on the IP500 Legacy Card Carrier base card.

For those base cards that support trunk cards, there are no restrictions on the combination of card types.

However in systems with both Analog Phone 8 base cards and analog trunk cards, combining the two types are recommended as it then provides analog power failure support for one trunk/extension (Not applicable to the Analog Phone 2 base card).

Each trunk card is supplied with the spacer pegs required for installation and a label to identify the card's presence on the physical unit once installed. 

This expansion module provides an additional sixteen Loop Start or Ground Start two-wire analog trunks.(Ground start trunks are not available in all territories) The first two trunks on the module which are automatically switched to power fail sockets on the rear of the unit in the event of power being interrupted must be loop start for correct power fail operation.

For installations in a rack, this module requires the IP500 Rack Mounting Kit. The IP500 Analog Trunk 16 Module is functionally identical to the IP400 Analog Trunk 16 Module. 

Avaya IP500 Analog Trunk 16 Module Features

  • Provides an additional 16 analog trunks to your IP Office system
  • Supports both loop start and ground start
  • Trunk ports 1 and 2 automatically switch to power fail sockets on the rear of the unit during power outage  

Avaya IP500 Analog Trunk 16 Module Compatibility

  • Compatible with IP403, IP406 V1, IP406 V2, and IP412 control units
  • Compatible with IP500 control unit running Professional Edition
  • Compatible with IP Office 500 and IP Office 500 V2
  • External Expansion Module, takes 1 external port
  • Caller ID Built in
  • Maximum of 8 per IP Office 500 Phone System
  • Rack Mountable Module
  • Compatible with Avaya IP Office Partner Version
  • Maximum of 1 per Avaya IP Office Partner Version Phone System
  • Requires Avaya IP Office Power Lead